Listing A Property For Sale

With every property John lists, the question he ask himself is, “If I owned this property, with my particular sales and marketing skills, what will produce the best possible results in a timely manner?” 

When considering that he will take into account... 

the type of property you have, the state of the current market, plus your personal circumstances

John will provide a free Appraisal of your property, explain the various sales and marketing programmes available and discuss the pros-and-cons of each option given the current market conditions. 

That will help you to decide on the most cost-effective method to achieve the goals that you are aiming for. 

Similar to a Project Manager, John then draws up a proper plan, budget and schedule to bring all the the components together.  


Sales & Marketing Programmes

Whether you are selling your home or investment property, there are a number of programmes that will achieve the results you are after. The more common sales programmes are Advertised or List Price, Auctions, Tenders, Sale By Date, Buyer Enquiry Over (BEO), By Negotiation, and variables in between.

It is a matter of matching the programme with the phase of the market, the property and to your personal needs. 


Invest in advertising

John May is committed to providing you with the most cost-effective advertising programs available. But, will not compromise on RESULTS!

John has invested in developing this website and building a database of active Investors that he regularly communicates with. He also sends out new listings to his database for FREE. Every other dollar that John advises his clients to invest for promoting their property is recommended as if it were his own money, selling his own home or property.

Any advertising is at cost-price to Astute Real Estate Ltd (no mark-ups, commissions or rebates). It is intended to target the right market and stimulate attention, interest, desire and action - ultimately leading to the successful sale of your property.


If an Auction, what to be aware of and where should it be held?

Whilst others might blindly recommend Auction programmes, there is little point in that strategy should the market be in a down trend with very few buyers on the ground. On the other hand, if buyer interest is strong, an Auction might well be the way to go. Just remember that markets move in longer phases and are often seasonal within those phases. Furthermore, they can react quickly to events and announcements (e.g. conflicts, disasters, reviews, law changes, Reserve Bank announcements, whims, etc).

In the event that you decide to Auction your property, John recommends that the actual Auction should be held "On Site" where feasible. Why hold an auction in a stuffy, downtown corporate office where your auction is jammed between a dozen or so other properties? Have you ever had second thoughts about attending an event because you had to endure traffic chaos getting there; and once there, what about parking hassles, plus the cost and scourge of wardens? That's the experience that I don't want your potential buyers to have. 

John believes that "On Site" auctions create the most conducive atmosphere to produce the best results for YOU. Furthermore, John employs some of the very best free-lance Auctioneers in the business. There is no doubt, onsite Auctions work best!



The best way to promote John's Real Estate business is through word-of-mouth. The only way that is going to happen is when happy clients tell their friends, neighbours and families about the exceptional service, the fantastic results and the substantial savings that they have received through engaging John May to sell their property.

John is well aware that his future success is in your hands...



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John May

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