Geoff Hall

I have known John May as a Property Investor for over 10 years.

John has a very good handle on some of the intricacies of the relationship between tenants and landlords, and is being well versed with the Residential Tenancy Act.

I have always looked up to John regarding his knowledge of rental properties. And go to him to discuss occasional difficult situations with tenants. He is always ready with good down to earth advice. In fact, I have structured my tenancy agreements around some of John’s practices; particularly his use of fixed term tenancies. This has saved me hassle and money; and enabled me to consistently achieve almost 100% occupancy in my rental properties, whilst still keeping up with rent rises.

Geoff Hall - Property Investor - Past President - Auckland Property Investors’ Association (APIA)

Johanna Pansier

"I have known John since about the Mid 90's and after many discussions over the earlier years and John's enthusiasm for Property I got myself a handful of properties.

John is experienced in this field and I have learnt that it doesn't matter what field someone works in – the biggest win is how much experience and knowledge they have. Property has always been John's passion and he will always go the extra mile to ensure there is a win for the customer.

When you decide to take on board John's experience to help you – you will get a lot more than a real estate person. Your dream will also become John's dream!!

John has amazing sales and marketing skills along with being a great networker and he has lots of contacts! This certainly makes for an easy buying process."

Johanna Pansier – Director Johanna Pansier Insurance

Pete Collins

"I have had the pleasure of knowing John for the 20 years that he has worked in the real estate and property investment industry. During this time he has assisted me on real estate transactions that have proven to be very profitable for me personally. I have always found him to be a highly motivated individual who has acted with honesty and integrity.

"John has amassed a wealth of experience over the years in real estate sales, marketing and management. He has been actively involved in industry associations and has written articles and spoken to industry groups on property investment.

"He has been a tremendous help to me over this time and he has always been willing to share his advice which I still seek quite frequently today. He is able to provided valuable advice and assistance on matters relating to property investment. I would say that had I paid more attention to his advice in the past I would probably be a far wealthier investor than I am today."

Pete Collins, Melbourne – Property Investor

Garth Melville

"Having known John for many years, I appreciate his wide range of abilities and property knowledge. He is reliable and totally committed to the projects he is involved with. John has served at Board level for not for profit organizations, effectively bringing these up to a high professional standard.

"John can really make things happen. He can be relied upon to complete the tasks he has accepted responsibility for in an effective way.

"Being an experienced property investor, John is very willing to share his knowledge. He has been involved with organising and delivering his property experience to many groups over several years."

Garth Melville – C.A. T.E.P. I.T.P.A.

Wayne Curtis

"I first met John 15 years ago at one of the monthly meetings arranged by the Auckland Property Investors Association. I was immediately impressed by his vast knowledge of property investment and was able to learn much from his wealth of experience and expertise, providing motivation for myself to develop my own portfolio. That friendship has continued to this day where we constantly remain in touch.

"John has enormous reserves of energy and this energy makes him a formidable operator. If he believes in what he's doing there's no way he would back away from any project no matter how demanding the workload may be. His negotiating skills are first class, but equally impressive are his entrepreneurial skills, enabling him to look at things outside the square.

"Always available to talk to people, John is a huge asset in the property industry and will make a success of this new business venture."

Wayne (Spider) Curtis – Property Investor