Presenting Your Investment Property For Sale

First impressions count! PLUS, any smart money that you outlay here is more than likely to be recovered several times over and produce a quicker, cleaner sale (i.e. potentially less conditions to the sale). Just don’t over-capitalise.

You might not need to spend thousands on a full blown...

...renovation when a simple clean and spruce up might produce the same net result and a lot quicker sale. Even the professional traders who regularly do property flips can get carried away at times.

Remember who you are selling to, Investors not Home-buyers. And there is a huge pool of Investors who want to buy a property they can add value to - a Project.

So, when outlaying capital to spruce an Investment property up for a sale, a good question is, "If I spend money on this job, will it attract a buyer?" The more buyers you attract the better the price and the quicker the sale.

Here are some pragmatic property tips. Stand back, not as the owner, but with the 'fresh eyes' of a potential purchaser. Unshackle yourself from the burden and thoughts of the owner. Take a pen and pad, or recorder with you and make up a list of things you spot and corresponding 'Things to Do'. Now, with a fresh, clear mind, start out on the street and approach the property as if you had never seen it before (even do a drive by to start with). Then walk up to it and enter this property as a Purchaser is going to. 

My recommendation is to look out for some or all of the following:

  • Paint the front fence (particularly paint out any signs of graffiti), or repair the brick or block work.
  • Consider tidying up or replacing the letterbox and numbers
  • Trim the hedge
  • Prune the front shrubs or trees right back from the house and let the light in
  • Plant a simple garden at the front (impatience and perennials) – maybe even planter boxes
  • Get rid of any loose rubbish and that mound of 'what-ever' out the back
  • Do the lawns and edging and have them done regularly (even weekly)
  • Repair any cracked or broken windows and sort out obvious putty problems
  • Have a look at the paths and drives – a water-blaster can do wonders in no time at all (try to remove/reduce any oil stains)
  • Consider a house-wash, as it is money well spent and could avoid the need for painting
  • Tidy up the front porch and entrance-way – this is where a paintbrush would be best used
  • Clear the gutters – grass growing from gutters spells 'neglect', but is easily solved
  • Incidentally, inside if any ceilings or walls are stained or grubby (including nicotine damage), rather than repainting you might only need to get in a Ceiling Clean contractor in. These people can often do wonders and it could avoid the need to repaint. The alternative is to do a 20% mix of bleach with water in a garden spray and put a fine mist over affected walls and ceiling areas. Leave for 15 minutes and wipe clean with a squeegee mop. Just cover carpets, curtains and furniture to avoid bleach marks
  • Shampoo the carpets – use the professionals for this, as they do a far better job than you will with a hired shampoo
  • Throw up some new nets and curtains, particularly in the living rooms and master bedroom
  • De-clutter every room; in particular small rooms – and that includes the garage and out-buildings
  • If empty, seriously consider hiring some staging furniture to present the property in its best light.
  • The final three points are vital:  
    • Clean
    • Clean
    • Clean


None of the above jobs either costs much, or are difficult to organise. But, it can make a significant difference to the buyer's perception and the final monetary result. Even seasoned Property Investors can be influenced (even subliminally) by a clean, well-presented property.


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