Paul England

"John May shines with integrity, professionalism, and sales skill. During the last 10 years he has actively supported me in the building of my property portfolio. His experience as VP of the Auckland Property Investors Association has given him insight into a market that is often fickle and confused by many. And over the last 25 years he has nurtured a network of wise and helpful, industry professionals who, like John, care about your success. John seems to have helpful contacts and market knowledge when other, less experienced "experts" seem to stumble.

"If you are selling John will deliver the results — a quick sale at the best price.

"If you are buying John will listen, search, and find what you want for yourself and/or your property portfolio.

"His natural ability to instil confidence and trust is backed up by his sound knowledge of all facets of the property investment and domestic sales profession. And above all, I am always impressed by John's enthusiastic personality, his tireless energy and his ability to deliver on all his promises.

"I recommend John as my number one property investment sales professional."

Paul England – Property Investor